The last few episodes of HBO’s hit series Insecure left Twitter fingers going off at ridiculous rates. We’ve got questions and hopefully the season finale, due this Sunday, will provide answers.

Insecure junkies have been stuck on stupid for the past two weeks. Fans and critics alike can’t stop talking about whether or not Daniel did something wrong when he finished all in Issa’s face, Issa’s heated exchange with ex-boyfriend Lawrence which included her dissing “Woot Woot” and him calling her a “hoe,” and last but certainly not least, the matter of Molly becoming a married man’s mistress in a supposed open relationship.

What in the gotdamn can Insecure producers possibly have in store for us this weekend? No clue, but following Sunday’s episode, Issa tweeted the finale will be 15 minutes longer than usual, so some shit is definitely about to go down, y’all.

In the meantime, here are seven burning questions we have ahead of the finale, plus the trailer just above. You ready? ‘Cause—full disclosure—we. are. not. Here we go:

1. Will Issa and Lawrence get back together? 

Issa still gets underneath Lawrence’s skin and vice versa, which begs the question: are they still in love and will they try to make it work again?

2. Is Dro’s marriage really “open?”

Something tells us Dro hasn’t been honest with Molly. In all actuality, he might just be one of those “fuck n*ggas who thinks he’s a good dude” Tasha was talking about earlier on in the season. We’ll see.

3. Is Molly going to get a chance to move to Chicago?

What happened to the Molly that was about that check? Patiently waiting on her return.

4. Is it true that Derek is on the D.L. and Tiffany’s been keeping it a secret this whole time?

There is speculation that Tiffany only married the kid because he could provide her with a certain lifestyle. We need answers, HBO.

5. Is Issa going to end this season with no one on her hoe-tation?

Because let’s face it, it’s been a complete struggle.

6. Will Issa forgive Daniel for ejaculating in her eye?

We know it burned, but we’re wondering if Issa can let bygones be bygones at the end of this season?

7. Will Dro’s wife Candice find out about Molly?

Will HBO take it there in a sneak attack? Tune in at 11 p.m., September 10, to find out.

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