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Madden NFL 20

Source: EA Sports / Madden NFL 20

If you were one of the people hoping NFL 2K was coming back, we got some bad news for you.


Back in March, 2K announced a new partnership with the NFL to produce multiple new video games. Understandably the news got gamers excited at the idea of NFL 2K making a return. When the news was announced, 2K shot that idea down by pointing out its deal was only to make exclusive “non-simulation” games meaning no NFL 2K.

Now, NBC Sports is reporting NFL owners are set to vote in favor of extending the exclusive NFL deal for EA Sports until 2027. Senior NFL reporter, Albert Breer broke down what that all means in a tweet:

“People have asked if EA Sports’ deal will be exclusive. Here’s the language: “the exclusive right to manufacture, market and distribute NFL-themed realistic action simulation video games.” Rights are non-exclusive on “arcade-style games, youth games, and casual/mobile games.”

Yup, we are stuck with Madden for the foreseeable future, which makes sense because the game is still one of the top-10 selling video games on every console. So its understandable the league doesn’t want to mess up its profits. BUT it would be nice to get another option besides Madden that has grown a bit stale and redundant. The franchise could use some competition to motivate developers to deliver a better Madden game.

Speaking of Madden, EA recently showed off what Madden NFL 21 will look like on Microsoft’s next-generation console, the Xbox Series X. You can peep the trailer below.

Photo: EA Sports / Madden NFL 20