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Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots

Source: Adam Glanzman / Getty

Finally: Football season is back.

Not only did the Patriots gets washed in the season opener, but one of the Kansas City Chiefs’ players made a statement while kicking tail. Meet Marcus Peters, a cornerback for the Chiefs. He started raising his fist during the national anthem last September and continued it during the off-season, where he notably rode a stationary bike as the National Anthem played during a preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks.

He continued to fight the good fight last night by taking a seat on the bench as the rest of his team stood with their hands over their hearts.

Before the game started, Peters showed off the custom Adidas cleats he’d be rocking, and they carry their own message. The bottom of one read “Liberty,” while the other read “Justice For All.” He tweeted a photo of the cleats with a caption that read: “Stand for what you stand in. If you see the potential for good, speak up. Don’t be quiet.”

Week one of football is up and running and you had better believe more players will be protesting before the week is out.