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Airbnb And Ghetto Gastro Host Experience Harlem

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Big Facts

Remember the time when Gucci stole Dapper Dan’s design and then tried to write it off as special “homage?” ‘Course you do. The New York Times reports Gucci’s confirmed an official collaboration with Harlem’s legendary tailor, and will even be helping him reopen his shop which was shut down in 1992. And don’t get us wrong— this is great and all, but we can’t help but wonder if the same gesture would’ve been made had it not been for social media dragging Gucci, because you know… Peer pressure and all. (Insert hand claps) Dan. Better. See. His. Coins.

Big Lies

As of Monday morning, Hurricane Irma is being reported as a Category 1 storm with 75 mph winds, but not before leaving four million people without power, trees uprooted, and streets severely flooded. As strong winds and flash flooding continue to threaten the state as the storm moves toward Georgia (at least one person has been found dead in a single-car accident related to the storm), y’all’s president claims he’ll visit the Sunshine State “very soon.” According to TIME, he didn’t really specify when, and “such a trip would likely only take place after the storm has cleared and the logistics become easier to manage.” But seeing how he dealt with the the victims of Harvey

Big News

There’s a new “racial satire about the art of battle rap” and well… The film is directed by Joseph Kahn—who recently claimed Beyoncé copied Taylor Swift (lolol)—and was written by Toronto battle rapper Alex Larsen (a.k.a. Kid Twist). We’re not entirely sure how to feel about Bodied at this point in time, but it’s apparently being touted as the response to backlash received by Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” video, so there’s that.

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