Dapper Dan and Gap are hooking up once again. The “DAP GAP” hoodie has been a success, so the two are recreating magic in a few new colorways just in time for you to cop some cozy gear for the frigid winter months. The latest release consists of four colorways, three of which are plaid; […]


"I don't want to dwell on what they did to me. I want to venture ahead to what we can do together for ourselves. I will never feel bitter about having the opportunity to express my humanity because my aspiration is to be as human as possible.” - Dapper Dan

We have reached the point in the simulation where even copping a hoodie from Gap requires lightning-quick reflexes and battling bots. To be fair, the hoodie in question is the collaborative and limited-edition Dapper Dan and Gap "Dap Gap" hoodie, which sold out mere minutes after it became available.

The famed Harlem designer is collaborating with Gap, and it's as fresh as you should expect.

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Bronx-based fashion designer K. Tyson Perez says French fashion house Givenchy stole his design and given him no credit.

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Remember the time when Gucci stole Dapper Dan's design and then tried to write it off as special "homage"? 'Course you do.