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The founders of Cash Money Records, Bryan “Birdman” “Baby” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams, have reportedly donated close to a quarter-million dollars to a nonprofit organization that will help pay the rent of people in need in the city of New Orleans, where they both are from and the birthplace of the Cash Money movement.

The money will go to Forward Together New Orleans and will cover the rent for June for residents in Harmony Oaks, Marrero Commons, and Guste neighborhoods.

Amid the growing unemployment numbers, Forward Together New Orleans aims to fill, “urgent gaps in community needs and available resources to deal with the pandemic, save lives, and protect our city. We are working with the business, government, and nonprofit sectors to solve problems as efficiently as possible.”

Back in April, Birdman posted to Instagram that he wished to help those who are in great need.


“The legacy of Cash Money belongs to the city of New Orleans. There’s nothing more important to us than giving back to the brothers and sisters who live on those same streets we grew up on – from musicians to service workers to everyday working families. That’s what this label was always about,” Birdman said in a statement.

The ongoing pandemic has placed a great deal of pressure on Americans who have been left jobless with the economic shutdown that lasted about a month and a half. According to CNN, 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment insurance since March. There is hope that this will all fix itself once a vaccine is found, but there are two problems with that. One, there is no telling how long it will take to create an effective and safe vaccine for everyone to take, also, the last thing we need is people beginning to default on loans and mortgages and the banks start losing money like 2008 which could cause another collapse in itself.

Evictions have been temporarily halted in most states, but eventually, that bill will come due, and the potential fallout from it could be catastrophic.

Times are undoubtedly precarious right now.