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Source: MICHAEL B. THOMAS / Getty

As America continues to literally burn in response to racial injustices that Black people have been facing for centuries, the Robin Hood of the internet has appeared.

Major cities protested George Floyd‘s death Saturday night, May 30, as the Anonymous Hacker group made it clear that change was needed. So the group dropped a video protesting the MPD’s tactics and threatened to expose them.

“(Anonymous) will be exposing your many crimes to the world,” the masked narrator says of the Minneapolis Police Department. “This week’s brutal killing of George Floyd… is merely the tip of the iceberg in a long list of high-profile cases of wrongful death at the hands of officers in your state.”

The vigilante goes on to explain that this isn’t the first issue the Minneapolis PD has had with people of color in the past few years– citing  Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, Justine Damond, Thurman Blevins, and Brian Quinones.

“People have had enough of this corruption and violence from an organization that promises to keep them safe,” Anonymous continues.

As the video became public, the Minneapolis Police Department’s website was down. The PD site and the  City of Minneapolis site were inaccessible for much of Saturday night into early Sunday morning. Both are currently back up but require captchas and other actions to verify that users aren’t bots with the help of Cloudflare, a web-infrastructure, and website-security service.

There are also reports on Twitter that the group allegedly hacked in the MPD’s radio system, disabled it, and played “F-ck The Police” by NWA.

A Twitter account, which claims to be the official hacker group retweeted statement about the group’s most recent doings.

Anonymous has threatened to take down other groups that have endangered freedom in the past, such as Occupy Wall Street, the Charlie Hebdo shootings, and the Ku Klux Klan.