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Palace is adding its name to the quickly expanding list of organizations that are donating to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Palace has announced that they will be pledging $1 million to Black Lives Matter and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. The announcement came via the companies Instagram page.

“Palace stand firmly with all protesters seeking justice against police brutality and racism,” the company said in a statement. “Looking at a long term commitment, we pledge to donate 1 million dollars in 2020, starting with the Black Lives Matter and Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.”

This pledge is just the latest, Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and a bevy of other companies have all stepped up and said they are going to donate and sometimes even teamed up to address the issues of racial injustice.

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust is an organization that works with people from minority communities aged 13 to 30. The org serves to inspire them and enable them to succeed in whatever career path they choose to pursue. Stephen Lawrence was murdered in 1993 at the hands of a racist at the young age of 18.

The founder made it clear why it took the London-based brand a bit longer to put some money up, saying, “We stand firmly with all protesters. Seeking justice, against police brutality, and racism, this ain’t some band wagon shit btw. It just took a hot minute to figure out if I could drum up a mill by the end of the year and work out what we’re going to do long-term.”

Palace is only the latest streetwear brand –which largely benefit off of Black culture to inspire and create on-trend products– to step up the plate and put some money behind their good-intentioned statement.