Tekashi 6ix9Ine Calls Out Meek Mill Following Release of "Trollz'

Source: PYMCA / Getty

Tekashi 6ix9ine is now focused on Meek Mill.


Following the release of his latest single, “Trollz” featuring Nicki Minaj, instead of celebrating the track and accompanying video rising to the top of the charts, 6ix9ine used the opportunity to be a troll. Shifting his attention from Snoop Dogg, he is now focusing his trolling skills on Minaj’s ex, Meek Mill. The Philly rapper hasn’t been shy about calling out people who associated with the rapper/informant and claimed he would “crush” Tekashi.

During an Instagram Live session, 6ix9ine said, “Imma start of with Meek Mill, right?” before turning his smartphone camera on a computer screen showing a picture of Meek with JAY-Z and Desiree Perez, the CEO of Roc Nation. He also brought attention to a New York Daily News article stating that Perez was arrested for having 35 kilos of cocaine back in the 90s. Perez allegedly struck a deal with the feds and became an undercover informant.

6ix9ine also added:

“Listen, Nicki took you on tour. You were her opener. Nicki made you, you n*gga. No b*tch wanted to f*ck you, n*gga. Did you forget who you was? Listen. I forgot what Drake said. What did Drake say? Some sh*t like that is that your tour or your girl’s tour. That was never your tour, homie. Listen, you was put on by Nicki Minaj. And you rollin’ with rats now, but you know what? Nobody knows. Nobody knows. Nobody is gonna be like… You’re with a rat every day. You’re with a rat. Your prison reform. Your bail reform is with a rat. ‘Oh no, she wasn’t street.’ She was sellin’ kilos of cocaine. You don’t want nobody to know?” 

You can hear it straight out of the rat’s, oops we mean horse’s mouth below.


Photo: PYMCA / Getty