The Lines For UNIQLO's AIRism Face Mask Looked Like A Supreme Drop

Source: UNIQLO / UNIQLO AIRism Face Mask

Are face masks drops the new Supreme drops?


Based on footage from Japan on Friday (Jun.19), you would think so. Uniqlo launched it’s highly-anticipated AIRism face masks and had to hand out tickets to customers like it was a highly-coveted sneaker or Supreme drop. The lines outside the company’s brick and mortar locations were insane as customers waited to get their hands on the face mask.

The demand for the masks didn’t stop at the physical locations, either. UNIQLO’s website also saw a tremendous amount of traffic that subsequently crashed the site. On Japanese Twitter, #AIRism is trending as the country is talking about the release of the face mask.

UNIQLO AIRism Face Mask

Source: UNIQLO / UNIQLO AIRism Face Mask

The demand for the AIRism face mask is undoubtedly a bright spot for the company, who initially was hesitant to jump into the PPE production business. Now we are sure some people are looking at the face mask and asking why the fuss over a piece of cloth that looks like it probably won’t stop a cold? The AIRism mask does utilize the same stretchy material featured in the company’s underwear line it’s also designed with a three-layer structure. There is also a high-performance filter included that touts a 99 percent (BFE) Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. According to UNIQLO, the mask can filter out water droplets, bacteria particles, virus particles, and pollen, plus it can resist up to 90 percent of ultraviolet rays.

The mask also features a non-woven cotton fabric of cotton designed to absorb sweat and keep the wearer cool. As for the demand for the mask, you shouldn’t have to worry, according to UNIQLO. A spokesperson for the company confirmed it “would like to continue providing masks to many of our customers,” and that it plans on rolling them out internationally.

The AIRism masks come in small, medium, and large sizes and come in packs of three. The masks can be washed up to 20 times and dry quickly and 990 yen ($9.30). We will definitely keep you updated when they are available in the United States. If you’re still looking to purchase face masks, you can check out our continually updating gallery here.

Photo: UNIQLO / UNIQLO AIRism Face Mask