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America has finally acknowledged the importance of Juneteenth, which is the day of official recognition that slavery ended.

Plenty of brands have declared it a day off, and others are doing their best to celebrate by giving those who have struggled from racial injustice for so long, a chance to shine. Alcohol delivery service Drizly is making sure that that extra shine is extended to your go-to libations.

The brand acknowledged its own fault in not offering enough Black-owned beverages backed by a commitment to improving its selection.

“Distribution of these brands today is limited on Drizly. This needs to change, and we’ve committed to working with our Retail Partners to bring more Black-owned brands onto Drizly. If any products are available in your area today, they’ll show up for you to shop directly on Drizly right below,” the brand says.

Black-owned brands on Drizly include Uncle Nearest, who was born into slavery and taught Jack Daniel’s his distilling techniques, Maison Noir Wines founded by sommelier André Hueston Mack in 2007, Loft & Bear which is owned by Paul Ryan Elliott who at 29 is one of the youngest distillery owners in America, and Speakeasy Ales & Lagers which is the only Black-owned brewery in Northern California.

But just in case these brands aren’t in your area, Drizly put together an extensive list of brands that you can check out below: