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Cardi B Hosts Suite Lounge Day Party

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We can’t imagine why Cardi B would make up a story about being placed in a chokehold by the cops, but the New York Police Department (NYPD) says right now things aren’t looking legit—mostly because evidence is scarce.

TMZ spoke to Assistant Commissioner Peter Donald, who says the NYPD investigated Cardi’s Tuesday night allegation with a magnifying glass, but it was unable to find proof of the incident. Donald says commanders in each precinct near Columbus Circle—which is where sources close to Cardi say the incident went down—reviewed records and surveillance footage, but nothing surfaced that could support her claim.

The department said that Cardi has refused to offer more details, causing them to doubt the validity of her claim.

So what’s going on? If you missed it, Cardi had everyone on alert when she tweeted about being assaulted by a cop on Tuesday night. TMZ says her sister also tweeted about it, but both later deleted their posts.

There is still no official statement from Cardi’s team. Stay tuned.