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For Sneaker Fans Limited Production Shoes Are Worth A Five-Day Wait

Source: Maja Hitij / Getty

The sneaker reselling business is still booming for at least one young entrepreneur. 17-year-old Danny Hasbani has reportedly been unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic, telling Business Insider “Through this quarantine, my business has actually been thriving.”

“The 17-year-old student resells sneakers during his spare time — and he’s already made nearly $500,000 this year, according to receipts and pay notifications viewed by Business Insider. Perhaps most impressive, the teen has managed to keep his business successful in spite of a global pandemic and mass stay-at-home orders,” Zephyr Net says of the recent high school graduate, adding “Mass store closures have also pushed much resale activity to primarily online platforms. And for Hasbani, who mostly conducts his business through resale apps, consignment shops, and via his relationships with bulk sneaker buyers, this has been helpful.”

Hasbani reportedly tells Business Insider “Sales have been really good. [There have been] a lot of local sales because a lot of people are texting me because they can’t walk into Foot Locker anymore.” “The harder you work in this business, the more money you’re going to make,” Hasbani went on to say, adding “And there’s a lot of luck in it.”

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