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Sneaker shopping for women just got easier, thanks to Nike’s first ever skate shoe designed exclusively for her—the Women’s Nike SB Bruin High.

After years of being forced to buy ill-fitting men’s shoes, there is finally a women’s skater shoe designed with the snugness she needs. “I used to look up how to modify my shoes online so I could make them fit better,” says Lacey Baker, Nike SB pro skateboarder on the brand’s website. “I would put frozen plastic bags inside my shoes or spray them with water to stretch them out and make them feel like they were better molded to my feet. When you put on the Bruin, it automatically feels perfect.”

“I used to look up how to modify my shoes online so I could make them fit better.”

The new design has a sculpted fit with a more shallow forefoot and a tapered heel similar to those seen in men’s skate shoes. Gripping the foot comfortably leads to increased precision, preventing uncontrollable movement. The shift from a traditional square pattern to a new elevated tri-star pattern on the footbed was an equally important design element, increasing flexibility and decreasing weight. As Nike SB continues to evolve, this updated technology will surely appear in future models, improving fit and taking performance to the next level.

Nike SB Bruin High
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Take a closer look at the Women’s Nike SB Bruin High above, debuting October 5 on the Nike app, and at select retailers.