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Did we just go through one of the most politically charged weeks in sports history? It sure feels like it.

On episode 3 of He Shoots, She Scores… And A Side of Beanz, the CASSIUS trio spoke about the crazy amount of NFL protests that erupted over the weekend after Trump referred to players as “sons of bitches.”

Not only did players take a knee, but some owners and coaches did too. Bruce finally comes to terms with the Giants’ lackluster season, and what an 0-3 start means for Big Blue’s Super Bowl chances. Beanz may have become a Tom Brady fan —if only for a day —and Jada talks about her Schomburg Center visit and the NFL’s political climate.8

Elsewhere, Beanz, Jada and Bruce praise Melo for his time spent in New York, and we realized that Beanz may have been right when he said the NBA is better than the NFL. Kyrie Irving playing LeBron James and Melo facing the Knicks on opening day; it really doesn’t get any better.

Oh, and Beanz loses it when he finds out that the Dwyane Wade is now a Cavalier alongside LeBron James.

Check out this week’s sports edition below.