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Aaron Hernandez Indicted On Murder Charge

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

Big News

Aaron Hernandez’s 2013 murder conviction in the death of Odin Lloyd was erased by Bristol County Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh, ESPN reports. Garsh ruled that “case law in Massachusetts has long established that defendants who die before their appeals are heard should have their convictions vacated.”Ursula Ward, Lloyd’s mother, said of Hernandez, “In our book, he’s guilty and he’s going to always be guilty, but I know one day I’m going to see my son, and that’s the victory that I have and I am going to take with me.” According to ESPN, Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III doesn’t feel Hernandez should “reap legal benefits” and plans to appeal the ruling. Hernandez committed suicide in prison last month.

Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, adding on to the ever-growing list of Trump’s presidential decisions that has us questioning whether or not what we’re living is actually real life. According to CNN, Comey was heading the bureau’s investigation that aimed to figure out whether or not Trump’s campaign team has Russian ties as many have speculated. “The Democrats have said some of the worst things about James Comey,” Trump tweeted (of course) on Wednesday morning, “including the fact that he should be fired.” According to a tweet shared by The New York Times‘ Michael Schmidt on Tuesday evening, Comey learned of his dismissal while he was addressing FBI employees in LA. Lawd.

Big Lies

A white Michigan police officer is suing his chief and the city of Hastings for racism. According to M Live, Sgt. Cleon Brown took a genetic test on and found out he’s 18 percent Black. Upon learning about his results, not only did his police chief reportedly called Brown “Kunte,” but other officers “pumped fists” and chanted “Black Lives Matter.” Even the *mayor,* who M Live says retired in January, was cracking jokes. So Brown has filed a federal lawsuit suing the city of Hastings, police Chief Jeff Pratt, City Manager Jeff Mansfield, Deputy Chief Dale Boulter and Sgt. Kris Miller. Smh.

Big Facts

In the wake of the announcement of Betsy DeVos’ Bethune-Cookman University commencement appearance, protesters marched to Daytona, Florida to deliver a petition on Tuesday. The petition, which urges officials to withdraw their invitation to DeVos, reportedly had 59,215 signatures as a press time. According to NewsOne, organizer Dominik Whitehead said they “presented the petition to an administration staff member who told them that Bethune-Cookman President Dr. Edison O. Jackson was unavailable to meet with them.” The petition has appeared on, Color of Change, and the Florida Education Association. Bethune-Cookman’s commencement ceremony takes place today at noon.

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