Today is one of the better days in the life of ascending rap star ScarLip.   A year ago, a photo shoot for her very own magazine cover seemed out of reach by more than 365 days. Although the La Bodega NY Studio, where she’s currently being photographed, stands in the same Bronx borough in […]

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If you’re keen on fashion, you’ve certainly heard of SSENSE, the retailer that keeps all the streetwear and even couture your wallet can manage at your fingertips. The global fashion retailer has teamed with Volvo for a campaign to promote the new, fully electric Volvo EX30.

The Lakers’ HBO series Winning Time isn’t the only one to get heavily critiqued by those actually involved. Hulu’s Clipped –which follows the fall of Donald Sterling after he was caught making racist remarks while speaking to his mistress, V. Stiviano–  is getting flamed, too. The first to express their opinion is the son of […]

All hopes that the 2024 NBA Finals would be competitive are just about gone. Last night, the Boston Celtics took on the Dallas Mavericks, and with the latter finally having home-court advantage, it was thought the series would finally get interesting. However, it turns out the Celtics still came out on top and are currently […]


A racist white woman got fired from her Black-owned job after posting a TikTok video of her using the N-word, and now she’s claiming the Black social media sleuths who got her fired did her a favor by making her a right-wing media sweetheart, even though she’s only been featured on a few bargain basement […]