Today is one of the better days in the life of ascending rap star ScarLip.   A year ago, a photo shoot for her very own magazine cover seemed out of reach by more than 365 days. Although the La Bodega NY Studio, where she’s currently being photographed, stands in the same Bronx borough in […]

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The Boston Celtics have made history. Last night, they won the 2024 NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks and became the league’s most-winning team, with 18 championship banners hanging from the rafters in TD Garden. The series was nearly a sweep, but Dallas’ blowout win at home last Friday prevented that. Back home, the Celtics […]

Malia and Sasha Obama have no desire to follow in their family footsteps in the political sphere.


There’s allyship, and then there’s Marlon Wayans-level allyship.  We’re in the middle of Pride Month, and the actor-comedian wanted everyone to know how much he supports the LGBTQIA+ community. Thinking a simple tweet wouldn’t suffice, he did a photo shoot. It began last week when he posted a photo on Instagram wearing silver pants –with […]

Few things signal a beef nowadays, like an unfollow on social media. Now, pettiness has found its way into the Golden State Warriors locker room, which could signal that the dynasty is calling it quits. Over the weekend, it appeared time to get a headstart on Klay Thompson‘s offseason plans when the Splash Brother unfollowed […]