The Washington Nationals play the Chicago Cubs in game 4

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Football is already in week seven, basketball is finally underway, and you might have been ignoring America’s favorite pastime—it’s baseball—since the season began in April. Baseball gets a bad rap, with folks claiming that it is boring and the games are too long. But those folks are wrong. Now that the postseason is up and running with rivalries in top gear, CASSIUS rounded up a few reasons you’re missing out if you’re not watching.

Tons Of Breaks

Innings in baseball fly by, unless your team has some heavy hitters who have a knack for hitting singles and doubles. And before you complain about not having breaks, remember there’s a two-minute break between each inning, perfect for a quick bathroom break or food and beer run. (It’s also a great chance to see if you can get closer and squat in some unclaimed seats.) Plus, there’s the seventh inning stretch to get up and move your body.

Great for Dates

The MLB season runs from April to November, prime months for outdoor dates. With the typical game clocking in at three hours and the outdoor stadium not being super loud, you can easily take your eyes off the game for a bit and actually talk. If you’re both into sports—or not—it’s a great conversation starter, whether you’re dogging on their favorite player or explaining what a foul ball is.

Great Crop Of Talent On The Rise

There’s never been a better time to be a burgeoning baseball fan, as records are being broken and new legends are being cemented. Take Aaron Judge, who won the Home Run Derby and will probably be the American League Rookie of the Year if he keeps it up. The 25-year-old slugger also joined Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle as the only Yanks to hit 40 homers before the age of 26. And there are tons of other talented players coming up around the league.

The Food Is Lit

You can’t forget about the fire food options—that’s a major part of any successful date. Your typical hot dogs and beers are available, but depending on the city, you can get some different stuff. In Philadelphia? Look for a cheesesteak stand. Checking out a Baltimore Orioles game? Make sure you stop by the Old Bay stand and grab a crab cake.

People Watching

Who doesn’t do it? Whether you’re with friends or a date, finding that one person who’s enjoying the game way too much or is mid nap is always lit. And just wait until the kiss cam pops up, when things can get both cringeworthy and awkwardly amazing.

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