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Bobby Shmurda had rap on fire back in 2014, prior to his arrest and conviction for conspiracy to commit murder and weapons possession.

Due to be released from prison later this year, Bobby is celebrating something major with a website countdown that ends on August 4, 8pm ET (his birthday). “How long can you wait?” teases above the aforementioned countdown. See a screenshot below.

Can it be? Is Bobby being released earlier than expected?

No one, except the “Hot N*gga” himself, knows what he has planned in the coming weeks, but one thing’s fore sure — fans are excited that he’s finally coming home.

“The only thing that helps me keep my head up about this year is that Bobby Shmurda is getting out of prsion,” one fan wrote.

“Bobby Shmurda better come out with the hardest tape of all time when he gets out,” another insisted.

“Bobby Shmurda bouta be out so the industry better watch TF out! He still young AF,” a fan noted, referring to the fact that Bobby is only 25 years old at the moment. But of course, he has some doubters, with one fan tweeting “It’s weird to me that people really think Bobby Shmurda is gon get out of jail and just make the biggest comeback. Like ????”

Chime in with your thoughts on whether or not you think Bobby is simply counting down the day to his birthday, or teasing something more like his release or new music? Let us know.