May 11 is national Eat What You Want Day. What will you put in your mouth?

It may seem crazy, but this is a real annual ” fun holiday” that folks typically celebrate with excessive gluttony and by trying out weird food combos. While chowing down on your favorite concoction sounds appetizing, we’ve figured out a way to put your top tasty delights to better use (and work off the extra calories): spread them on your partner.  “Food adds a lot to the sexual experience because of the sense of taste,” says Angel “Auntie Angel” Walker, founder of Angel’s Erotic Solutions. “The skin has a lot of nerve endings. Food heightens its sensitivity and your tastebuds’, and makes things more intimate. The stickier the substance used the better. Why? Because you have to use more forces to remove and it will feel good to you and your partner. When it’s time to play, use them everywhere—except the genitals.”

Since today is all about indulgence, what better way to treat yourself than to maximize your high? CASSIUS asked Auntie Angel to serve up the top edible delights that will help foodies get off in more ways than one—get ready to raid your cabinets and ‘fridge.

Close-up of slices of grapefruit in plate

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Grapefruit— “I can’t help but advertise the item that helped me garner the most fame. But grapefruit is also a fat burner and feels good on male partners when you use the proper technique. Pick a pink grapefruit; the sweeter the better.”

Jelly— “The goal is to keep things unexpected in the bedroom. I love jelly on biscuits and toast but it’s also delicious on the body. You can pour it in your partner’s mouth or on his/her lips and suck or kiss it off. It’s also awesome on nipples. I suggest teasing your partner with the “flip and lick” technique, where you turn him or her over, add the jelly and run your tongue over it to remove. The fact that he or she cannot see where you initially place it will heighten the experience. The feet, neck and butt are popular fetish points. Here’s a big tip: use the squeeze bottle only. That way you have more control of the flow and placement of the jelly.”

“The skin has a lot of nerve endings. Food heightens its sensitivity and your tastebuds’, and makes things more intimate. The stickier the substance used the better.”

yrup—”Folks love to use honey, but pancake syrup is also deliciously sticky and increases your foodie fantasy. I suggest rubbing it onto your partner’s body and licking it off.  Yes, it will be messy but it’s so sensual to apply and remove. Remember, syrup spouts allow you to keep it sexy when you’re pouring—long drizzles and ornate designs. You can car your partner’s tongue. You can drip it slowly on your spouse’s leg’s. You can even coat your mate’s breast or penis. Wherever you place it, one thing remains true: you have to lick it off.


5 scoops of ice cream, 5 flavors

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Ice Cream—”Blindfold your mate and the cool sensation on the skin coupled with the hot feel of your tongue (I call it the fire and ice sensation) will likely get a quick rise—or squirt. This is great for folks with feet fetishes because you can lay your partner on his or stomach, turn the feet up flat (soles up), add the ice cream and lick to your belly’s content.”

ruit Salad—”This gives a whole new meaning to ‘tossing your salad’. Cut up (make sure they are cut to be flat on on one side to prevent rolling) grapes, strawberries, bananas and any other fruit you like, and place mounds all over your smash buddy’s bod. Make trails up and down your love’s torso, legs or backside and slowly eat off.”

ruit Roll-Ups—”Here’s one that’s just for the guys’ pleasure. Unroll the roll-up, stretch it out and wrap it around the penis. Use your hand to squeeze it gently but firmly around the base and head, then suck.  The heat will melt the roll-up and it will dissolve as you lick and and suck it off.”