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There is no limit to the way in which white America attacks and belittles its Black citizens. From our skin color to our hair, our looks have always been a target, for one, but one young Black king is experiencing at least a shred of decency after a federal judge protected his locs.

Texas high school students Kaden Bradford and De’Andre Arnold were both suspended after the Barbers Hill Independent School District unanimously ruled that their grooming policies, regarding hair length, would remain in place. Arnold transferred and has since graduated, according to an update, but Bradford had to temporarily and unfairly enroll elsewhere.


“Kaden Bradford and his cousin De’Andre Arnold made national headlines in January when they were told by the Barbers Hill Independent School District that they couldn’t come to school unless change their appearance. Their families sued the district in federal court in Houston, claiming that the schools dress code, forbidding long hair, is unconstitutional as discriminates based on race, sex, and is in violation of freedom of expression. While the case is ongoing, US District Court Judge George Hanks issued a preliminary injunction that orders the district to allow Bradford back without changes to his hair.”

The Bradfords are reportedly “elated” by the judge’s decision. “I just spoke to KB yesterday and he was thrilled. He had a zoom call planned with his friends to talk about what the first day of school would be like, what their outfits would look like, just normal 16-year-old excitement about returning to school,” attorney Patricia Okonta, of NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund, told the site.

If you’ll recall, the young men used to abide by the hair policy by keeping their hair up. “The district’s hair policy requires that male students not have hair that extends past the collar, earlobes and eyes,” notes, adding “In 2019 the school board made the code more stringent, requiring that that the hair has to be short even if it was pulled back, according to court documents.”

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