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TIDAL is reportedly going into business with VR company Sensorium.  The move will allow the streaming service‘s artists to entertain fans in interactive, virtual environments.

“Jay-Z’s music streaming service, TIDAL, has spent $7 million on tokens (‘SENSO Tokens’) issued by Sensorium Corporation,” MusicBusinessWorldwide states, adding “SENSO Tokens are the in-world currency of Sensorium Galaxy, a much-buzzed-about new VR ‘social metaspace’ in which users can attend alternate-world concerts, nightclubs and festivals.”

TIDAL has reportedly spent $7 million on the venture so far. “With TIDAL’s $7m spend, the platform’s artist co-owners – including Jay-Z plus Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk and Coldplay’s Chris Martin – have acquired access to broadcast their content within the Sensorium Galaxy,” the site continues.

“Our relationship with Sensorium provides TIDAL with the opportunity to gain exclusive rights for its stellar artist roster to have their shows and music broadcast exclusively within Sensorium’s themed virtual entertainment worlds,” Lior Tibon, Chief Operating Officer at TIDAL commented.

Chime in and let us know how you feel about watching your favorite artists perform in a virtual world. Sensorium Galaxy is set to launch next year.