Group Think: Appropriation Nation, Pt. 2


Team CASSIUS is back with the second episode of Group Think, and this week we’re getting down to the real nitty gritty — what exactly is culture?

Keeping up with the conversation around our inaugural cover, “Death to Culture Vultures,” staffers Darnell Moore, Jamilah Lemieux, Cory Townes, Shani Saxon-Parrish, Rae Holliday, King Sukii, Stephanie Long and James Love discuss what culture consists of and how it unites us. While culture is definitely a unifying force, it isn’t always necessarily community building. Many of the elements of culture that we love to joke about (insert: struggle foods, 50 Cent, the projects, etc.) are ours. They’re common and understood within our communities, but outside of that space they are watered down, misunderstood and sometimes even mocked for profit.

This further makes the argument for just how carnivorous culture vultures can be—they enjoy the fruits of pain and labor they have never experienced, and frankly, don’t wish to know.

Watch the video below for more of the conversation.

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