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Sen. John McCain made his way back to the U.S. Capitol and voted in favor of repealing Obamacare.

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The singer still hasn't learned his lesson from that last f-ck up.

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"Appropriation Nation" has served as an incredible primer for Team CASSIUS to talk about what we know best — the culture.

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Y'all thought Team Cassius was done with our commentary on "Appropriation Nation?"

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Team CASSIUS is back with the second episode of Group Think, and this week we're getting down to the real nitty gritty — what exactly is culture?

Gelila Mesfin—the talented Black artist whose painting of Michelle Obama was plagiarized—is seeking what she’s owed. DNAinfo reports Mesfin’s legal team is requesting $12,000—the amount Chicago urban planner Chris Devins raised via GoFundMe to create the mural—to be paid as compensation. They’re also seeking additional compensation for the damages suffered from his “willful infringement of [Mesfin’s] copyrights and […]