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Skip Bayless Says Dak Prescott Shouldn't Have Disclosed Depression Battle

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Professional LeBron James hater, Skip Bayless, went too far with his latest sports take.


Before the NFL kicked off its 2020-21 season, Skip Bayless was the talk of social media. Bayless, who is a staunch Dallas Cowboys fan, stepped in it when he said the Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott, should have not revealed his struggles with depression to the public.

Speaking with his Undisputed co-host, former NFL tight end, Shannon Sharpe, Bayless said

“I have deep compassion for clinical depression, but when it comes to an NFL team, and you know this better than I do, it’s the ultimate leadership position in sports.”

“You’re commanding a lot of young men and some older men, and they’re all looking at you to be their CEO, be in charge of the football team. Because of all that, I don’t have sympathy for him going public.

Bayless’ made his bonehead comments following Prescott sharing that his 31-year-old brother Jace died as a result of him taking his own life. It also happened to be World Suicide Prevention day. Bayless claimed he wasn’t factoring in Prescott’s brother’s death, but the fact Dak was battling depression due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as other issues.

Bayless claimed he also was challenged by depression this year due to the lack of sports and him worrying that the sports network that employs him, FS1, would even survive.

The sports personality further dug himself in a deeper hole, stating that revealing any weaknesses makes you vulnerable on the field, and teams will use Prescott’s struggles off the field against him. Bayless believes that Dak should have kept his battle with depression private.

“You can’t give into depression. You just have to rise above it.”

Shannon Sharpe, who has to bring common sense to the show daily, replied that athletes shouldn’t have to hide their struggles and deny their humanity to keep winning.

“I understand that he plays quarterback, he’s the face of a franchise but take all of that away, he’s still human. Sometimes people think because we play a sport, because he’s good at a sport, that we don’t have emotions, that we don’t have feelings, but he’s human.”

“There was a big stigma, and it’s starting to be lifted, especially as a Black man in America, in talking about mental illness. I think a lot of Black men deal with things [quietly] because they don’t want the shame, because they are going to be looked at as weak. I don’t look at it as being weak because I believe you can be weak and not be vulnerable and be vulnerable without being weak.”

Following intense backlash and calls for Skip Bayless to say less and lose his job, FS1 issued a statement saying it does not agree with Bayless, and it’s proud of Dak Prescott for sharing his struggles with depression and mental health. The network revealed it has spoken with Bayless but did not say if it will discipline him.

Skip really played himself here.

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