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Big Lies

Bow Wow claims there’s a “scientific method” to his fabricated stunting. In the wake of the #BowWowChallenge, Lil Bow Weezy took to Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning to break it down for the listeners. “Off top, I love it, because people don’t understand the scientific method to my madness,” he said, implying that everything was a ploy to create publicity for his upcoming show. “Number one,” he continued, “I’m about to have the biggest show on WE TV period. Period. I’m saying that right now. Period…you gotta just watch the show.” Rosenberg later added, “I believe he was trolling for this to happen. Maybe it’ll be in the show. I know for a fact Bow Wow is too smart to have been thought he could get away with that.” Riiiiiight.

Trump also appears to have a scientific method of his own, telling NBC Nightly News’ Lester Holt during an exclusive White House interview that he already had plans to fire Comey—despite a formal recommendation written by Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. “I was going to fire Comey,” Trump told Holt during the interview. “Regardless of the recommendation I was going to fire Comey.” But this contradicts statements being made by the White House, which, as CNN notes, said “Rosenstein’s memorandum to Attorney General Jeff Sessions prompted Trump to fire Comey.” On Friday morning—in a manic series of tweets—Trump also alluded to a set of tapes of conversations between him and Comey, warning Comey against leaking negative information to the press. What a time.

Big News

Former U.S. Rep. Corinne Brown was found guilty Thursday of taking money from a charity, News 4 Jax reports. Convicted of 18 of 22 charges against her, Brown was convicted of conspiracy, five counts of mail fraud, seven counts of wire fraud, one count of scheme to conceal material facts, one count of obstruction of IRS laws and three tax fraud charges. According to N4J, she was found not guilty of two mail fraud counts and two wire fraud counts.

“While I respect the jury’s decision, I disagree with it, and I want to make it clear that I maintain my innocence,” Brown, who pleaded not guilty of all charges, later said in a statement. “I did not commit these crimes, and I intend to file a motion for a new trial. I will continue to stand on my record of decades of faithful service to this community and the nation. I have a long record of charitable service to the community and that will continue even during this process.”

Brown served as a member of the House of Representatives from Florida from 1993 to 2017. If convicted, she faces up to 277 years in prison.

Big Facts

The New Orleans statue of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, was taken down around 3 a.m. Friday, The New York Times reports. The second monument to be removed form the city, the statue was “a symbol of an era that celebrated white supremacy and racism,” according to city officials. The Associated Press reports: “A cheer went up from some of the dozens of protesters on the scene who have been pushing for the monument’s removal. It was then lowered behind trucks encircled around the monument’s base and out of view of media gathered on the scene.”

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