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You blinked and Mother’s Day is already here. It’s the one day of the year when your mom gets a chance to hopefully do a whole lot of nothing. There’s just a tiny little catch: it’s your job as her kid to make those 24 hours as special as possible by delivering on the goods, such as a thoughtful card, some dope gifts she’ll actually want and perhaps using a little of your time to do something you know she’ll enjoy. Yeah, it can be a lot. So to make sure you don’t f*$k it up, CASSIUS came through with a few tips that—if followed— are guaranteed to make her day rock in the best way possible.


There’s nothing worse than copping your mom something you’ll know she like, in the color you’re sure she’ll love and at a price that didn’t trigger your account’s spending alert, only to find out it doesn’t fit. She’ll smile and say thanks—and probably mean it—but is she has to exchange it in the end, the novelty wears off. Also, your mom will probably be pissed if that fire sweater you bought is significantly too big or small. Avoid the mama drama by rummaging through her wardrobe and figuring out her right size

Avoid the mama drama by rummaging through her wardrobe and figuring out the right size.
conversion for your item. Do your Googles.


It’s so simple. Your mom has been dropping hints about what she wants for Mother’s Day since you botched her Christmas gift. Now is the time to redeem yourself. Your job is simple: think! Has she mentioned that her purse is getting old? A particular restaurant she’d like to try? An item that would be perfect for her summer wardrobe re-up? Take a minute to replay the coded messages she’s usually sharing during your talks.


You can’t always put up a W…especially on the cheap. If you don’t live in the same city as your mother it may be a challenge to determine her current vibe or simply her needs this year. Since you can’t go home, you have to go big. Most moms love to be pampered, so your fallback plan should be easy. Splurge on a gift card to a fancy spa or make it personal with a little in-house concierge service to ensure she gets her favorite breakfast in bed. Make sure her day is lit by any means necessary.


No, we’re not suggesting you get hitched, but if you’re reading this it’s too late to order anything online

If you’re reading this it’s too late to order anything online.
—Amazon Prime was clutch when you ordered that new fidget toy, but now isn’t the time to gamble. That means if you live in close proximity to your mom you actually have to visit a store and hunt. And make sure you spend some extra time in the card aisle. She may like the gift but that sentimental missive will definitely sit in her drawer for many years to come.