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You can now add Tyga to the growing list of celebrities who have decided to hop on OnlyFans, and he is making a big splash.


Tyga is no stranger to the porn world thanks to his stripper anthem “Rack City,” but it looks like T-Raww wants to get in on the action himself. The rapper announced his arrival to the world of OnlyFans by dropping the link to his page along with a rather suggestive photo featuring himself surrounded by a plethora of nude women. We won’t share the photo because it’s NSFW, but if you need to see it, you can go here.

Anyway, it would seem Tyga has been very busy on the site that has been a salvation for many during the pandemic, being that he is 42 posts deep already. But that’s not the real photo that has everyone talking. Apparently, a photo of Tyga’s manhood hit the web before he decided to drop the photo described above, which has some believing that he “leaked” the photo himself to get traffic to his OnlyFans page. One Twitter user wrote:

“His nudes didn’t ‘leak’ his funds are drying up, its the perfect excuse to create an onlyfans page to get paid….u ain’t slick Tyga.”

Another Twitter user suggested that Tyga dropped the photo to get ahead of a person trying to blackmail him. A very interesting take.

But there are plenty of others giving Tyga the benefit of the doubt and was not mad that Tyga’s hammer pic landed on their timelines.


As you can imagine, the reactions are pouring in. You can peep them in the gallery below.

Tyga’s Manhood Allegedly Hits The Timeline, Twitter Hilariously Reacts
Street Style - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear F/W 2020-2021 : Day Four
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Photo: Edward Berthelot / Getty