Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Buffalo Bills

Source: Brett Carlsen / Getty

The New York Jets and Buffalo Bills are doing better than the Giants?┬áThat’s proof enough that 2017 is the year of the underdogs.

Needless to say, Bills fans are still learning what it’s like to be fans of a winning team, as Giants fans are forced to do ┬áthe opposite. And one member of the Bills Mafia got a bit too overzealous and decided to jump through a table… that was on fire… in the Bills parking lot… before the game.

A Snapchat video shared by the Laces Out Podcast, shows a dude, presumably named Marc, wearing a Sammy Watkins jumping through a lit table as fellow Bills fans cheer him on.

After falling through the table with his entire back on fire, he stops, drops and rolls through a bunch of red plastic cups to selvage what is left of his Watkins jersey. Someone did try to put out the fire with some beer, which is a huge waste of beer by the way.. Good job, Marc.