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Perhaps you’ve seen the now viral video of a five teenage girls shouting racial slurs inside of a car. If you haven’t, below you can watch a reversed version of the Weber High School students—three of whom are cheerleaders—giggling and repeatedly yelling “serggin cuff” so that it plays back as “f**k n***ers.”

Cute, right?

Reports say the 10-second video was recorded off campus. This typically would prevent school officials from being able to exercise disciplinary action, according to Buzzfeed, but Lane Findlay, a spokesperson for Ogden, Utah’s Weber High School district, says this is one very significant exception.

A statement released by the school district goes on to point out that “in this particular case, the video that was made created a substantial disruption at Weber High School and adversely affected many students, including some of our minority students.”

The district continued, “Three of the five teens were also members of the Weber High School cheerleading team and are thus ‘held to a higher standard,’ as they signed a ‘constitution (code of conduct) that applies on and off campus.'”

While the statement did not detail how the girls in the video were disciplined, four Weber High School students reportedly told Buzzfeed they were expelled from the school. A family of one of the girls did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation.

Of course the girls claimed they were just “playing around,” but the district feels otherwise.

“They were kids joking around and it’s unfortunate that they engaged in this kind of conduct,” Findlay said. “It doesn’t excuse the fact they knew what the words sounded like when they recorded it and played it backward.”

Hopefully the incident serves as a lesson in exercising discretion when sharing things on social media.