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As brands continuously drop the ball when it comes to creating diverse campaigns, Gap has consistently nailed it.

Following its “Meet Me in the Gap” campaign, featuring  Cher and Future, and its star studded “Bridging the Gap” campaign, the brand has proven that we truly have more in common than we often believe.

Partnering with eccentric Grammy-nominated songstress, actress and model, Janelle Monáe for the holiday iteration of its “Meet Me in the Gap” campaign, the brand brings together a diverse cast to celebrate the festive season.

The video, shown above, captures Monáe singing an acapella rendition of Freddie Scott’s original version of “(You)Got What  I Need” accompanied by six talented and diverse choirs. In addition to the video campaign, Gap is releasing a series of photographs to be featured in social and in-store promotions, launching November 6.