Tech Analayst Says Apple Will Never Bring The USB-C Port To The iPhone

Source: Apple / iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple finally revealed its full iPhone 12 lineup, but experts are already looking ahead at what the tech giant will do with its flagship smartphone. 


Sam Sheffer hopped on Twitter to share his wishlist for the iPhone 13, and it pretty much contains features that the smartphone world has already been focusing on. On his list, Sheffer would like to see the successor to the iPhone 12 have a USB-C port, 120Hz display, and an in-display fingerprint reader (Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphones already have all of these features). Tech analyst, John Prosser who pretty much called every feature that the iPhone 12, has tweeted a response to Sheffer’s initial tweet.

Prosser claimed that Apple is already working on the 120Hz display and that there is about a 50 percent chance that the iPhone 13 will feature a built-in fingerprint display. BUT, when it comes to the USB-C port, Prosser says that it’s “not happening (ever).”

If that is indeed the case, that is a bummer because becuase USB-C is better than the Lightning connections that Apple insists on using on its devices. But, if this is indeed the case, it does make sense based on the direction the company is going in. During the iPhone 12 reveal, Apple announced its new iPhone model WILL NOT have a charging cable or earbuds in the box. A clear indication that Apple is all-in on wireless over wired based on the introduction of the MagSafe wireless charging accessories and its push of the iCloud service.

It looks like the idea of a truly wireless iPhone is coming to fruition and could be the biggest innovation that Apple has had in years since it first announced the iPhone.

Photo: Apple / iPhone 12 Pro Max