A pple’s annual WWDC event is in the books. The spring announcement usually comes with new hardware and software that will keep Apple loyalists satisfied until the following year. One of the most exciting announcements this year is FaceTime letting you leave messages for people who don’t pick up, sort of like a video version […]

As 2021 comes to a close, the tech world still managed to have a pretty successful year, the tech world. 

The singer-songwriter tells his inspiring story inside.


Head inside to see what chemist Akira Yoshino has to say on the topic.


Apple got a patent approved for technology that could let you unlock your devices with proprietary glasses.

The app's website and TikTok account have also been removed, according to reports. Head inside for details.


With everything going virtual this year due to or social distancing ways, getting in on the Black Friday deals has never been easier. Gone are the days where you’re standing outside in the freezing cold waiting to get bum-rushed just because that 60 inch TV only costs $399. Now, the most strenuous thing you’ve gotta […]