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Don't Like The White PS5 Model? There Is Already A Solution For That

Source: Sony Press / PS5

Not a fan of the PS5’s white look? Don’t worry, there is a solution for that already.


It’s no secret the launch for Sony’s PS5 is not going to be like previous consoles. For one, it’s going to be limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and secondly, unlike previous consoles, it’s not launching in a black option, opting for a white colorway with hints of black and it’s signature blue. While fans marveled at the tech on the inside and its massive size, many gamers belly-ached about the console’s color scheme.

Immediately following its reveal, renders of the PS5 in black hit social media, giving gamers hope that Sony has a black console in the stash. Unfortunately, Sony has been mum on that front, BUT an interesting revelation was revealed. You could easily remove the PS5’s white plates giving gamers hope they wouldn’t be stuck with the white PS5.

Now a company called PlateStation is offering third-party plates to help you jazz up your PS5 consoles. The plates are not officially backed by Sony or PlayStation but come in four options, black, red, blue, and chromatic.

We expect many other custom plates to become available over time and won’t be shocked if this was Sony’s plan all along. You can head over to PlateStation’s website to preorder your plates for $40 with a 10-day return policy.


Photo: Sony Press / PS5