#CASSIUSKids Celebrate Their Mothers


ife on Team CASSIUS isn’t all about deadlines, pitches and breaking news. In fact, for the mothers in our office, the day job often seems like light work compared to the task of rasing brilliant, loving and happy children.

We gathered several CASSIUS kids to celebrate their mamas, and in turn honor all of the women out here juggling family and career. These kick-ass ladies might be too hard on themselves when they drop a ball or two (or three or four—we’re not counting), but if there’s one thing we learned while talking to this group of kids, it’s that great moms are always heroes in the eyes of their babies. And isn’t that really the picture of success? Also, note that the seeds are just as unapologetic as the mamas who made them! The CASSIUS spirit will live on and on, y’all.

Watch the adorable video below: