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McDonald's x Travis Scott Merchandise

Source: Cactus Jack / McDonalds

Here is just another clear indication that Travis Scott has the Midas touch because everything this man attaches his name to turns to gold. 

The extremely-limited action figure featured in McDonald’s’ ads announcing his Cactus Jack collaboration with the fast-food chain is now reselling for a wallet-busting $55,000.

The action figure was the cornerstone of the collaboration that had his fans rushing to their nearest Mickey D’s ordering Scott’s favorite meal, which consisted of a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, a Sprite, and fries with BBQ sauce. The action figure was limited to just five in the entire world, was handcrafted plus individually numbered, and could only be obtained through a contest held on Twitter.

Each figure came in a special acrylic box case along with a certificate of authenticity to remove any doubt. So it’s no wonder there is such a high asking price for the action figure.

One person, a cancer survivor name Jonah DeToro was blessed with one of the super-limited action figures after Scott kept his promise to send him one. DeToro sent a photo of himself enjoying the Cactus Jack meal from his hospital bed on Twitter and was rewarded the action figure as a “victory trophy.”

If you got $55,000 to blow, you could head on over to StockX to secure the Cactus Jack action figure.

Peep all of Travis Scott’s McDonald’s merch below.

McDonald’s X Travis Scott Merchandise [Detailed Photos]
McDonald's x Travis Scott Merchandise
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Photo: Cactus Jack / McDonalds