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The man, the myth, the legendary wrestler that is Ric Flair finally had his story told on ESPN’s 30 for 30.

And it didn’t disappoint.

We learned about how his tumultuous childhood led to a life full of sex, alcohol and entertainment. But it made for a really good mantra for a wrestler in the ’80s. The Nature Boy’s documentary delves into the people around him with nearly 50 interviews from people like Triple H and Hulk Hogan, to his ex wives and kids.

Circumstances aside, Flair lived a wild life and his 30 for 30 had a ton of WTF moments. Here are some of our favorites:


He slept with 10,000 women in his lifetime

The producer asked Flair just how many woman he’s slept with. And without even the slightest grin on his face, he thinks about it for a second and says,  “10,000, maybe.” That’s a lot of rides on Space Mountain.

Marriage isn’t really for him

With that many notches on your belt, it comes as no surprise that monogamy wasn’t Flair’s strong point. He’s been married four times and says it’s just not for him. “I probably took it real serious for about a day,” he says on monogamy and marriage.” … I mean, I tried, but it just – I was miserable.”

He Drank… a lot

He says that when he was on the road travelling he’d typically drink 10 beers and five mixed drinks a day.The therapist he told this to was shocked that he’d been doing this for almost 20 years. “By the time I got through with that son of a bitch, he was laying on the couch and I was on the chair talking to him,” Flair says of those therapy sessions.

That time he caught his son drinking

Flair recounts in the early aughts of the time he came home to his neighbor telling him he had a drink with Flair’s son and his friends outside in the backyard and hung out around the pool. The only problem? Flair’s son was just 16.

How He Mastered The Art Of Wrestling

Flair insisted that wrestling isn’t fake, it’s choreographed.  But when you hit the gym as much as these wrestlers do it’s hard not to actually use that strength to pound your opponent’s face in. But Flair had it covered and had a method to it. “I hung a string in the doorway and I hit that string as hard as I could for three years, until it didn’t move,” says Flair on how he got good at throwing a punch that didn’t connect.