Chance The Rapper In Concert - Charlotte, NC

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Big Facts

Aldermen voted 48-1 on Wednesday to pay $10 million for 30 acres of vacant land for a police academy in Chicago. But Chance the Rapper, who showed up to City Hall earlier in the day, didn’t let it go down without a fight.

“Financially, this proposed plan doesn’t make sense. We don’t have $95 million,” Chance told aldermen of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan during the public comment segment at Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

Following the vote, Emanuel stated: “All the aldermen on the West Side voted for this, because they understand — they have felt forgotten from the type of public investments that can spur economic growth. It will have its own value of safety for the entire city. It will have its own value of safety … to the West Side. And it will be an investment in the kind of economic activity we want to see.”

Big Lies

Trump received rare and royal treatment upon his arrival to Beijing on Wednesday, reportedly becoming the first U.S. President to receive a state dinner in the Forbidden City, as explained by the New York Daily News.

“The unusual amount of pomp and circumstance is believed to be part of China’s efforts to flatter Trump,” the Daily News reports, and a way to “gloss over American criticisms on trade and the continued development of the nuclear program in its neighbor North Korea.”

Big News

In the wake of recent sexual assault allegations, Kevin Spacey has been replaced by Christopher Plummer in the already completed Ridley Scott film All the Money in the World. The decision comes just weeks before the film’s scheduled December 22 release, and according to TMZ, film leads Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams are “fully on board with the move.” Spacey reportedly worked on the film for 8 to 10 days and was billed as one of its lead actors.

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