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FUBU Trends After Twitter User Learns The Streetwear Brand Is Black-Owned

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Iconic streetwear brand, FUBU, is trending on Twitter, and it’s for the most Gen-Z reason ever.

Today (Dec.4), many Twitter users were reminded how old they are thanks to one harmless tweet. A user who goes by the handle @KiarraLe_ asked this mindblowing question:

“Did y’all know FUBU was black-owned? And means “For Us By Us.”

Immediately, millennials reacted to the Tweet in amazement that now we are the point that clothing brand has now become “a little known Black history” fact as another user put in response to the tweet.

Hair Love creator Matthew A. Cherry used the teachable moment to remind us about the time LL Cool J cleverly used a GAP ad he was featured in to plug the at the time up and coming brand by wearing a FUBU cap and his slick wordplay.

Cherry’s well-timed tweet sparked a response from FUBU’s founder and current Shark Tank panelist Daymond John to breakdown the LL Cool J, GAP, and FUBU moment in a video.

John also came to the defense of the Twitter user who sparked this whole moment on Twitter, saying in a tweet:

“Not you all coming for her on this! I’m happy to see younger generations educating themselves and learning, something we should all never stop doing. Thanks for doing so, Kiarra.”

Kiarra even promised to buy some FUBU merchandise and rocking it during her Black business reviews on her YouTube channel, with John telling her to let him know when the video goes live.

It would be really dope if John personally sends her some FUBU gear.

FUBU has been trending for a good portion of the day, with people reacting to tweet by sharing photos of their old FUBU gear they still have and, of course, with jokes. You can hit the gallery below to peep them all.

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Photo: Ron Galella / Getty