After 50 years, there are objects associated with hip hop that have become valuable. In a new A&E show, Hip Hop Treasures rappers turned actors Ice T and LL Cool J will search for those objects.

The legendary Hip-Hop icon LL Cool J is getting his just due. Urban One announced today that the fifth annual Urban One Honors will be taped in Atlanta on Friday, Dec. 2.


The OG rapper celebrated his 53rd birthday this week. Head inside.

Iconic streetwear brand, FUBU, is trending on Twitter, and it's for the most Gen-Z reason ever.

Twitter User Just Discovers FUBU Is Black-Owned, Social Media Reacts

When it comes to disrespecting The Grammys, LL Cool J is not here for it.

In Kobe Bryant’s death, we’ve been privy to tons of hilarious and poignant stories about the late great basketball player. At his Staples Center-based memorial Shaq told funny stories of how difficult it was to get Bryant to learn how to pass, and now legendary Queens rapper LL Cool J remembered an anecdote concerning his […]

The Front

Eric B. is reportedly in on the initiative.

The Front

Big Facts The Secret Service has been removed from their post in Trump Tower due to “a leasing issue. While their command post was previously located one floor below the president’s apartment, they were relocated to a trailer on the sidewalk. Some security experts fear that this will hinder protection of the 45’s home and […]