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McDonald’s made news recently with its U.S. reintroduction of the McRib, but its Chinese counterpart refused to be outdone. Instead of a simple and quirky twist on their taro pie or Land Air Sea Warfare Combo, Jingongmen (which roughly translates to “Golden Arches” in Chinese) has decided to release a Frankenstein of a sandwich. The “Lunchmeat Burger” comprises two slices of Spam layered with crumbles of Oreo cookies, and then that’s topped with mayonnaise.

“I thought it was delicious,” shared one brave foodie on the social media platform Sina Weibo, which somewhat akin to a Chinese Twitter. Using the handle Feifei Mao Enthusiast, the commenter did then proceed if it was mind over matter about this chocolate-and-creme-plus-meat mashup and asked, “Is that because I love McDonald’s too deeply? Or is something wrong with my taste?” Someone else clearly dissented, though, remarking, “When you hate someone but have to invite him to dinner, you can ask him to eat McDonald’s Oreo lunchmeat burger.”

However, you’ll have to move fast if you want to see how it stacks up. According to the AP, the sandwich is part of a limited release series on Mondays for “members only” promotions, and McDonald’s only plans to have 400,000 of the Lunchmeat Burger made. Furthermore, there are rumors that this was a headline-grabbing maneuver for Jingongmen to remain relevant in a highly competitive fast-food market in China.

Let’s see if this new creation garners the buzz McDonald’s is hoping for, and it becomes a mainstay – or if it manages to become 2020’s answer to the Arch Deluxe.