Freedom, a newly minted American citizen, recently had choice words for Jeremy Lin, accusing him of siding with China after the Taiwanese-American basketball player signed with the Chinese Basketball Association.

Nipsey's estate is making sure the late legend's image and legacy are protected.

Food & Drink

McDonald's China has released a new “Lunchmeat Burger,” which is comprised of two slices of Spam layered with crumbles of Oreo cookies, and then topped with mayonnaise!


The NBA season starts very soon and the biggest news buzzing about the league is still the issues with China. Rockets GM Darryl Morey tweeted his support for Chinese protestors going against the government and all hell has broken loose. The first NBA player to speak out was LeBron James and after receiving backlash Commissioner […]

An inside look at China's upstart rap scene, and how the government is looking to shut it down.