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Source: McDonald’s / No-Shave November

Starting December 2, McDonald’s will bring back its beloved McRib sandwich but, this time,

its annual reappearance comes with a couple of twists.

First, in a move that hasn’t happened for more than eight years, the infamously “saucy, tangy, tender, and shamelessly delicious” boneless pork patty sandwich will not be in limited release. Instead, it will be available at all 14,400 of its locations, and this may be a shrewd play by the fast-food chain to boost lagging sales due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Second, McDonald’s is pairing up with No-Shave November to give away a free McRib to the first 10,000 persons who post a photo of themselves with a clean-shaven face. No-Shave November is an organization that asks its participants to not shave any facial hair or groom for the entire month. The tactic is meant to highlight cancer awareness, education, and prevention.


Source: PAUL J. RICHARDS / Getty

“We’re thrilled McDonald’s is supporting this important cause, getting both the bearded and the non-bearded involved beyond November simply by purchasing a McRib,” said Monica Hill, senior executive director of the nonprofit organization.

“Our bearded fans know… facial hair, and the McRib just don’t mix—believe me, I’ve tried,” said Vice President of U.S. Communications, David Tovar. “With the nationwide return of the McRib, we’re helping fans enjoy every delectable moment by encouraging them to shave for a chance to win a free McRib. And we’re excited this year to partner with No-Shave November, a charity that knows a thing or two about facial hair.”

So as long as you have a public Instagram or Twitter page, then put up a picture of your smooth, freshly shorn mug and make sure to tag @mcdonalds, using #Shave4McRibSweepstakes. Winners of the contest will receive a code for a free McRib.