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It’s no secret that rappers have a big time obsession with video games. From first-person shooters like Call Of Duty to the many sports game franchises like EA Sports’ Madden series, a lot of your favorite rappers enjoy playing these games as a form of relaxation and an opportunity for camaraderie.

Two artists who have been known to throw down in the digital arena are ATL upstarts 21 Savage and Lil Yachty, who consistently berate each other on social media with claims that they are the better player in the popular basketball game NBA 2K18. It seems the two friends finally decided to settle the score, playing games on both Playstation and Xbox and setting a bet of $10,000 in cold hard cash.

From the looks of this video, it seems that 21 Savage emerged victorious. “You lost, n***a, $10,000. You got your ass spanked,” Savage proudly declared. “I took a L, I ain’t tripping,” Yachty replied.

Savage appears later showing off the fresh bankroll of $100 bills he won off Yachty, thanking him for the donation. “Shout out to my boy Lil Yachty, man. Giving me $10,000 on the 2K. He thought he could beat me on 2K. Thank you, Lil Yachty.”

Yachty took to Twitter to vent:

No word yet on a rematch, but Yachty lost another $2,000 to Savage in a later bet. The stakes may be way higher, but it’s cool to see that stars like to talk sh*t and play video games just like us.

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