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Since its invention in 1974 and mass sale as of 1980, the Rubik’s Cube has been a toy that’s fascinated and stumped people of all ages and IQs. Now, one year after Netflix’s documentary about the competitive world of Rubik’s cube solving, “The Speed Cubers,” it looks like there’s going to be another, larger-scale feature film on the world’s most selling toy.

“I’ve had a personal and nostalgic connection to the Rubik’s Cube from my early days in India,” Hyde Park Entertainment Group’s Ashok Amritraj said in a statement of the yet unnamed movie. “I am thrilled to partner with Endeavor Content and Rubik’s/Smiley and look forward to creating a wonderful and complex Rubik’s universe.”

The Rubik’s cube was originally called “one of the most amazing things ever invented for teaching mathematical ideas” in the March 1981 issue of Scientific American, and over 350 million cubes have been sold as of 2018, according to the Smithsonian. A number of celebrities also love playing with the cube and including it in their works, such as Will Smith in his 2006 film “The Pursuit of Happiness” or Logic’s frequent display of solving skills during freestyles and interviews.

This time, however, the toy itself gets to be the main attraction.

Graham Taylor, co-president of Endeavor Content, was similarly eager in his remarks about the team-up and for their potential projects beyond the movie: “The Rubik’s Cube is an iconic and family-friendly brand. In Partnership with Hyde Park, we look forward to creating film, television, and game show content for global audiences.”