Coming soon, Hasbro can turn you into one of your favorite action figures from Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and more action figures. The manufacturer of some of the world’s most popular games and toys partnered with a 3D printing company called Formlabs to launch the Hasbro Selfie Series. Hasbro had actually been […]

Japanese company MEDICOM TOY is holding an online raffle for five new collectibles. Along with two of the company’s very sought-after Be@rbick toys, one of the items for sale will be a VCD (vinyl collectible doll) of superproducer Pharrell Williams and two minions from the movie Despicable Me 3, in praise of Williams’ song “Happy” […]


Throughout the past four decades, clothing label Stüssy has been known for its iconic 8 Ball logo. Now, to celebrate 40 years, Mattel is collaborating with Stüssy to release a special edition Magic 8 Ball, bringing together their legendary toy with the iconic clothing logo in a fun, commemorative way.

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In other goofy 2020 news, Louis Vuitton is selling a kite that 17 stimulus checks put together would not be able to buy.