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Hey fellas, Dr. Miami has a good idea what you should do with your $600 stimmy that won’t only benefit you, but bae also.

Tuesday (Jan.5), the famed plastic surgeon gave hope to those lacking in the manhood department looking to make a substantial improvement. Now, he could have been joking, but a Twitter user asked the body sculpting magician when he would drop the price tag on a “dick extension?” Dr. Miami first responded, “it’s been two weeks.”

Dr.Miami quickly followed that up with the price tag of $599.99.

Twitter immediately jumped all over the tweet, quickly pointing out that the price is conveniently right on time as Americans are beginning to receive those $600 stimulus checks that were recently approved after the lame-duck president finally signed the bill that both the House of Representatives and Senate approved.

Pecker jokes flooded the timelines with men finding hilarious ways to show how they would react after putting their $600 to use after a visit with Dr. Miami. Since men going under the knife is no longer as taboo as it used to be, ask Funk Flex, and reportedly Drake. So men should be excited to take advantage of a bargain from one of the world’s best plastic surgeons.

Again, we don’t know if this price is legit because such an operation shouldn’t really be that cheap. But dammit, we are always here for the jokes, and they were absolutely on point. You can peep all of the reactions to Dr.Miami enhancing pricks for the price of a stimmy in the gallery below.

Dr.Miami Is Offering Bigger Jimmys For $600 Stimmys, Twitter Says Say Less
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