Utah Jazz v Brooklyn Nets

Source: Al Bello / Getty

Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith is kicking off 2021 by giving back.

During a chat on Adrian Wojnarowski’s podcast, Smith announced he and the team would award an “underrepresented or minority” kid a four-year scholarship to college for each Utah Jazz win this season.

“It’s not only to give folks money who wouldn’t have had a chance,” Smith explained, according to Sports Illustrated. “A lot of people don’t know how to get the process going of getting into college.” “We will go to universities and say, ‘Hey, we want five or six scholarships, guaranteed. We’re going to bring kids who have never had a chance to do this into your university’”, Smith went on. “And we’re going to help cover the cost, will you accept them?”

Just a few short months after becoming owner of the Utah Jazz, Smith is already making some great moves with the team. Listen to his take on why he feels giving back in this way is so important below.