A new Martin Luther King, Jr. monument was unveiled in Boston and many people have some strong opinions about it.

The great Bill Russell passed away in 2022 after a beautiful, championship life. The Boston Celtics legend, 11-time NBA champion and proud Civil Rights activist’s life is getting the documentary treatment on Netflix this February. In a clip (see below) from the forthcoming doc, simply titled BILL RUSSELL: LEGEND, Russell recalls respectfully declining a request […]

Kanye West will not be able to legally sell any White Lives Matter trademarks as two Black radio deejays already own the trademark.

A former Philly police officer will go free after his murder case was dismissed by a Philadelphia judge.

“Anti-choice people are not trying to stop abortion, they are trying to legislate who can and can’t have abortions. Because conservative politicians — their wives and mistresses and daughters — will always be able to get an abortion somewhere.” -Lindy West on "The Daily Show" (November 29, 2018)

After being unable to contact her family since being detained and with little word on her case or her well-being during the war in Ukraine, Russian state TV released a photograph of

The local authorities in Brunswick, Georgia, spent months going out of their way not to do as little as arresting and charging Gregory and Travis McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan for the lynching of Ahmaud Arbery. So on its face, Arbery’s case looked like it would amount to yet another story of injustice where whiteness […]

Zimmerman brought the lawsuit against Martin's parents and the others back in 2019. The initial claim was that Martin's parents along with Crump were engaged in a conspiracy that tried to “destroy his goodwill and reputation in the community” by smearing him as a racist who profiled the teen.

It’s very clear that all the protests, trials, and convictions regarding police brutality and the killings of Black people have done nothing to change the practices of violent and trigger-happy cops. Because a new deadly police story has come out of the same city George Floyd was murdered in and it’s one that sounds eerily […]