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Once again, someone did a little too much on Twitter and got in a lot of trouble.

A user named @kristentootie, an American, took to Twitter to talk about her experience of moving to Bali. Her 20-tweet thread explained how she realized she needed a change in her life after she spent most of 2019 jobless. Then she and her girlfriend decided to pick up and move to Bali for a six-month vacation.

But after loving the beautiful country so much, she and her girlfriend decided to stay after living in what she described as a  “treehouse” for just $400, which she assures would cost a pricey $1,300 if she stayed back in Los Angeles. The couple has been there for a year, and throughout the thread, she continued to brag about her new “elevated lifestyle.” She even said that  Bali was “the perfect medicine” for her physical and emotional health and listed the pros, including safety, low cost of living, and it being LGBT-friendly.

As the thread gained more steam, she ended it with a link to her Ebook, titled Our Bali Life is Yours, which is “a guide breaking down how we did it and how you can do it too” for $30. But it turns out her life in Bali isn’t ending as great as it started since the problematic thread came off as elitist; the rent isn’t quite as cheap for natives, the lack of actual LGBT-friendly communities, and encouraging people to relocate to a new country amid a global pandemic.

Now a clip has popped up, which alleges that the two young women are currently being investigated and could soon be deported back to the States for overstaying their visas.

Of course, Twitter had the jokes ready for the girl who was living her best life and tried to put other people on but instead just wound up playing herself. Check out the best reactions in the gallery below.

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